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Paul Ehrlich - Population, Environment, and the Millennium Alliance for ...

Uploaded on Nov 3, 2011
As our population passes the 7 Billion mark Prof Paul Ehrlich warns against the "myths" of limitless population and economic growth.

In this 2011 Jack Beale Lecture Professor Paul Ehrlich focuses on four basic points. First that Homo sapiens is a small group animal, genetically and culturally attuned to existing with 50-150 other people, now trying to live in a group of seven billion. Secondly that the planet is vastly overpopulated, possibly as much as four times the long term carrying capacity. Thirdly his belief that one of the most dangerous myths to infect civilisation is that population and economic growth have no limits and that this myth is symbolic of the failure of education systems and the mass media; and finally the idea that incremental change will save us is comforting but dangerous.

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