Wednesday, January 1, 2014


Gene Lewis

 CLOWNS Can Be Frightening.

Coulrophobia or Clown Phobia is a Fear of Clowns.
Coulrophobia, or fear of clowns, seems to be relatively common. 
Nonetheless, very little scientific research has been performed on coulrophobia, so it is difficult to say exactly how common this fear is. 

However, a January 2008 report from BBC News suggests that clown phobia may be more ingrained than was previously assumed.
That article cites a recent study conducted by University of Sheffield researchers who polled children in several British hospitals about an upcoming hospital redesign. 
According to the news story, all 250 children (age four to sixteen) expressed a fear or dislike of clowns. 
Why are we, as a society, collectively afraid of clowns? 
In a 2004 review article for Trinity University, Joseph Durwin postulates that there are two commonly accepted schools of thought:

 i) One is that the fear is based in a negative personal experience with a clown at a young age. 

ii) The second theory is that mass media has created a hype surrounding evil clowns such that even children who are not personally exposed to clowns are trained to dislike or fear them. However, neither of these theories is entirely satisfactory.

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