Wednesday, June 5, 2013


“Make sure that the book on the Elements of Machines with its practice comes before the demonstration of motion and force of man and other animals, and by means of these you can prove all your propositions.”
 – Leonardo Da Vinci

   - economics supposed  need to intermingle the normative with the positive, ie, the descriptive with the prescriptive.  
- how we can fix the problems if we don’t even understand them.
- through focusing on the understanding of the monetary system we can then provide others with a foundation from which our problems can be solved…..

Leonardo Da Vinci isn’t best known for his influence on the field of medicine, but his influence was vast.  And what’s interesting about Da Vinci was his rather unusual approach to medicine.  

Da Vinci did not expect to solve all the problems of the human body.  Rather, he wanted to understand the human body.

Da Vinci viewed the human body as a machine and as one of the first anatomists he was able to provide the world with a better understanding of how this machine functioned.  How its pieces worked together, how it was built, how it changed, etc.  To Da Vinci, it was all about finding out what IS, not what CAN be.

The real genius of Da Vinci in this approach was that he took a simple approach.  He knew that the understanding of the human body was poor and the only way he could better understand how it worked and what caused it to do certain things, was to figure out precisely how the machine worked.  And so he became one of the first true anatomists and provided the world with invaluable understanding of the machine.


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