Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Orson Welles Narrates Plato’s Cave Allegory

Plato’s Cave Allegory in Philosophy

In 1973, Orson Welles narrated this animated short, which features somewhat surreal artwork by Dick Oden.

The Allegory of the Cave illustrates Plato’s view of knowledge as presented in Book VII of The Republic*: in ordinary experience, we see only shadows of the true world, which we can only behold by pursuing rigorous philosophical analysis.

Frappa Zappa  commented:
The outside world is more real because, like it said in the video, once you see the outside world you can tell that the shadows in the cave are governed by the forces of the outside world. It is not a matter of what it real or not; obviously both the shadows and the outside are real. The point is that if you only know the shadows, then you are unaware of what is behind their function, and you are unaware of the broader scope of the world.


*Bertrand Russell on Plato's Republic

k recording of Bertrand Russell's chapter on Plato's Republic, contained within his "History of Western Philosophy" (1945). Narrated by Geoffrey Sherman.

A philosophy podcast, The Partially Examined Life, held a detailed discussion of Plato's Republic, which can be found here:



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